Residential Solar Energy

Solar Made Simple is dedicated to helping homeowners move toward sustainable, efficient power generation. Solar energy is a smart investment, allowing you to reduce your monthly energy bills, increase your home’s overall value, decrease your carbon footprint, and allows you to sell excess energy back to your local power company!

Solar Options for Your Home

Roof Mount Solar

Roof Mounted

Roof mounted solar is a quick and affordable solution. Proven roof attachment systems and roof flashings guarantee long-term, reliable power on your own roof.

Ground Mount Solar

Ground Mounted

Ground mounted systems can be a smart solution for homes with smaller roofs, too much shade or have the wrong pitch. There are less restrictions for size and the panels can be pointed directly at the sun to produce the most energy.

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Solar Incentives

State solar incentive programs vary among states and utility companies. Many states offer solar rebates for home solar power systems, in addition to the federal solar tax credit, which we discuss below.

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Saving with Solar Energy

Federal Solar Tax Credit


throughout 2021


throughout 2022


throughout 2023


throughout 2024

The federal government offers a solar tax credit that can help homeowners go solar. The tax credit, created in 2005, is one of the most important components of the federal government’s support of solar energy, and is available in all states. The federal solar tax credit gives you a dollar-for-dollar reduction against your federal income tax. The 26% tax credit applies as long as the solar energy system is installed by December 31, 2022. Starting in 2023, the value of the tax credit will drop down to 22%. After 2023, the tax credit for residential solar ends.

Installing solar is an excellent investment for today, next year and the long term. ​If you’re considering buying a residential solar system, act today to take advantage of this big tax incentive.

Residential Solar FAQ’s

What if I sell my house?

The new owner(s) of your home can take over the existing agreement and receive the exact same savings, warranties, and guarantees that you have been benefiting from. Conversely, if there is a remaining amount owed on the system, you can include it in the sale price of the house, pay off the loan at closing, and eliminate the electric bill for the new owner(s).

How can it be free AND save me money?

One of the most attractive features of going solar is that there is no money required up front. In most cases, the solar payment is less than what you are currently paying for your electricity usage. When you choose to produce your own power from the sun, you are controlling your energy costs and protecting yourself from rising utility rates that increase year after year.

My roof is old. Does this complicate things?
With each qualified customer, we provide a no-cost/no-obligation site survey in order to determine whether or not your roof qualifies for solar. In the event that your roof fails our inspection, we will assist you in the process of finding a roofing company that can repair or replace your roof. On a note of relevance, the cost of the roof repairs/replacement can be included in the low-interest financing for the solar system, and as such, that expense would qualify for the 26% federal tax credit which would discount the total cost of your roof work by 26%!
I have a metal roof. Will that matter?
Not at all… a slate roof is the only roof type that does not qualify for a solar installation.
What should I be concerned about with respect to maintenance and repairs?

Absolutely nothing… beyond the fact that there is no required maintenance, we provide a 25-year comprehensive warranty on the solar system which eliminates any unexpected expenses for issues that may arise as the warranty includes coverage for parts and labor.


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